Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday is Charity Quilting Day

On Monday mornings I go to my church and quilt. We make quilts for all ages, and donate them to those that are ill,  just in need of a hug or to celebrate a birth.
This past month I brought my soon to be 5 year old grand-daughter, Bella with me.  I wasn't sure if she would like to make a quilt with Grandma, well I think the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Choosing her fabrics.....


Showing the ladies her progress so far...

Helping out with the pin basting of another quilt....

 A proud moment.....

She loved it!
Watch out!
Another quilter in the making!

Yours in Stitches,

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Welcome to my new blog and to my stitching cottage :D
This little cottage was originally built, out the back door and across our driveway,  about 75 years ago as a chicken coop...yes! a chicken coop!
But while raising 2 boys and with all their "toys" Mama needed a place to sew.
My very smart and talented husband came up with the brilliant idea of transforming our little coop into a wonderful little sewing cottage!

My life has always been very full with some sort of stitching. I started out sewing flannel leopard print pajamas when I was 10 years old and the rest is history. After many years of being a seamstress and cross-stitcher, I bloomed into a quilt-maker, knitter and wool spinner (I have loved spinning wheels ever since I was a little girl). I still "dabble in" cross-stitching, although I must admit that linen count is getting a little rough on the eyes.

Here is my latest accomplishment in the quilting realm.

This is a table runner designed by Kim Diehl, that I hand appliqued, machine pieced and quilted.

One of my favorites types of quilt making is hand applique, I really just love it, the entire process of it and try to do as much as my fingers allow.
I'm looking forward to sharing some more of my stitching adventures with you in the near future and I am also very much looking forward to hearing from you and seeing what you are stitching! :D

Yours in Stitches,